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Body Landscapes

60 pages, 22x32 cm

Overview about the last 5 years. Including the new techniques  "Photogravure" and "Photo-over-paintings".
Corinne Wagner (Text) / Walter Ehrismann (Paintings and Text) 54 Pictures, Photos and Photo-compositions.
Edition: 500 copies.
Edition Howeg, Zurich
Window: Through View

Catalogue in German and English with the new series of window images from 1997 and 1998, published in 1999.
About myself

I am a painter and printmaker. I was born in Chur, Switzerland in 1943 and I live in Urdorf, near Zurich. My work, flowing and changing images, is based on the harmony of colours, forms and lines. Whether painted in oil/egg tempera or executed as a print, they encourage associations with landscapes, bodies, and structures of nature. They open up the new, the unexpected and the fictional and so let free, floating pictures come into being, always in a delicate balance between the figurative and the abstract. The colours light up as church windows do, from the inside out.


Breton Yellow, Arabian Red 
or the emotionality of color

Tempera Paintings:
why I mix oil paint with egg yolk 

the special fascination of printmaking 

The »Window« theme has always been an integral element of my work 

Images and Words: "Lover's Eternally Nearing", poems in English from Pansy Maurer-Alvarez, with German translation, Chinese brush drawings and colour woodcut vignettes by Walter Ehrismann, 50 copies, Publisher's Series: "Text und Bild" Volume VIII, Edition Howeg, Zurich