From the Dark to the Light
(Tages-Anzeiger 7 December 1994)

Walter Ehrismann Exhibition
Whether Walter Ehrismann builds his paintings with layer on layer of oil, sand and egg tempera or further develops a copper print with chalks, the paintings always grow out of a dark ground through saturated colours into the light. The gallery Jeannette Catrina in Oetwil am See is now showing the latest paintings of this 51 year old Urdorf artist. 

"Terra (Earth)" is the theme of a series of canvas paintings created in 1994. Under their rough, raw surfaces intense sensuous colours are stashed, showing here and there as stains or vanishing forms on the surface, glimmering in other places as a warm stream through pale white. Black symbols lie in this thick ground as anchors - the forty by forty centimetre canvases work like mysterious details from an unlimited world. 

In this series also, which arise from identical graphic prints, Ehrismann doesn't move outwards from a set idea, rather he is inspired by coincidences. From scratches, stains, fingerprints on the raw copper plates, he develops forms and surfaces into print graphics. These dark-toned aquatint pages are again the starting point for further work. With red, blue, and corn-yellow chalks, the artist pulls the individual crystalline forms out of the dark, then he differentiates the colours with pastels and highlights the erratic areas of the remaining aquatint with nervous hatching. The persevering variegated structures and spaces, weight and counterweight cause the eye to persevere as well in taking the painting out of the frame. 
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