Windows as Eyes to the Soul
(Neue Zürcher Zeitung 3 May 1999)

New Works from Walter Ehrismann at the Gallery Wagner
It is not a rarity to hear eyes and windows considered in parallel. Before the people north of the Alps took over the Roman style of building and followed their example of leaving openings for air and light, called fenestra, they already had the symbolic idea of the augatora. (The eyes are the windows of the soul.) It also reminds one of Gottfried Keller. One of his poems begins with "Eyes, my lovely little windows," And the painter, Walter Ehrismann, born in 1943, now living in Urdorf, grasps this in his new works, which are currently showing at the Gallery Wagner in Wallisellen, works that explore windows in depth. In his oeuvre since 1997, paintings with this title take an important place. As a rule, they are exact squares and cut into four or nine smaller segments, so that it structures the whole layout. This gives him the 'cause', the relationship of the part to the whole. Questions of this type have busied him for a long time. "Paesaggio" (1988) divides a square paper into five small strips. After each interruption, the eye sets readily to a new beginning. The colour zones find their continuation in the next area, but even this interruption, the separation and relocating, stimulates seeing: mainly because the parts also meet in other relationships, their range changes and the elements that are required manage to create another structure. The painter follows the finest traces in his work, traces that are especially clear in the prints entitled "Tondo" where his theme is movement and change and he pursues them on their way through space in order to remain near them. 

The producers of this exhibition are Corinne and Herman Wagner, who took over the Galerie Noëlle Zumofen on 1 April. The art researcher Corinne Wagner accompanies her first exhibition with an illustrated text.
Paul Weder
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